SAP Center of Excellence


SAP Center of Excellece (SAP COE) is a value generated organization for the academic and business communities.  As a collaborative initiative with the Center for Applied Informatics (CAI) and NKU's College of Informatics, the COE is able to influence curriculum development to produce a highly skilled SAP workforce while undertaking projects for advanced research and developmental best practices.

SAP COE is organized to:

  • Become a resource for private and public sector organizations using SAP
  • Deliver SAP curriculum
  • Research and develop business intelligence modules starting with the SLCM
  • Collaborate with other higher education institutions to improve the SLCM

Project Updates

  • Faculty members are investigating the creation of courses and content within the Business Analytics space using Business Objects.  Business Objects was purchased by SAP and will be integrated into SAP over the next few years.
  • Due to the purchase of Business Object by SAP, the original project dealing with student retention is being reorganized to include the use of Business Objects.
  • NKU has been invited to the March 2009 Curriculum Congress as a panel discussant.  In addition, the SAP University Alliance Program has involved NKU as a Faculty Coordinator.
  • A research project with other SAP-oriented faculty is underway with the University of Nevada-Las Vegas and Chico State.
  • Faculty members from the BIS department are scheduled for Business Objects training and SAP training in the second quarter of 2009.

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