2013 Security Symposium

Friday, October 18, 2013
8:15am - 4:30pm
Cost: FREE
Location: NKU METS Center

The 2013 Security Symposium is a one-day event, which focuses on IT security challenges, best practices, and professional discussions. This annual symposium brings together IT professionals for engaging talks, training, and live demos of cutting edge security products.

The Security Symposium is organized into five tracks:

  • Information Security Governance
    This informational track focuses on the understanding and implementation of management policy, procedures, IT audits, continuity planning, and security awareness and training.
  • Software Security
    This track incorporates knowledge about how identity theft is being fought and information integrity is being secured by industry ingenuity.
  • Mobile & Computer Forensics
    Learn the latest methods and tools to process and understand digital evidence. 
  • Current Topics in Security
    Explore security topics focused around cloud computing, virtualization, mobile, and much more.
  • Legal Issues in Privacy and Security
    Security professionals and legal professionals will come together during this track to discuss the legal and regulatory framework for the implementation of software security.

P: 859.572.7610 - Griffin Hall Suite 330, Nunn Drive, Highland Heights, KY 41099 - cai@nku.edu